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I am not necessarily a “list maker,” but of late, I have dreamed of “lists.”  Lists not of desired items, but of desired goals and achievements.  As a Buddhist (SGI-USA) I make and chant about goals all the time.  Every day.  But the lists in my dream are different in that they are emotionally charged, as if written from my deepest core.  And I am not the only “list maker” in my dreams.  My husband hands me handwritten lists in dreamland.  So does a friend of mine.  And my daughter, too.  I read the offered lists and spend time in the dream trying to decipher what it is the list says–either because I can’t read the hand writing or I don’t know how I can help check off the items on it.  For example, my husband’s list includes “propane tank.”  To dream of a propane tank means “stress or pressure.”  Of course it does!  What human being isn’t under stress and/or pressure?  My dream lists often have to do with creating a balance between my personal health activities (boxing, daily efforts at “eating right”), the day job and writing.

I’ve a dozen books outlined, and three actually being written.  My mood determines upon which I write.  For the last week or so, my Muse has insisted I finish an “indy” book (meaning that I will self-publish it under my own victorywomanpress handle).  I’ve already paid for the first round of edits (Ansley Blackstock) and had the cover made (April Martinez).  It’s the fourth book in my Loki-rotica series.  This one is entitled “Loki-rotica IV:  That Old Time Religion.” It isn’t a book I need to keep a list for–family tree, dates, plot charts, etc.  This one is truly written completely from the hip and heart–and personal experiences (cue ooo’s and ahh’s).

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Blessings to you and yours.  May 2018 rock.