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Mission Accepted

Meditation today.  Oy.  Dancing with my muse down the proverbial garden path.  The brief appearance of my Patroness, Freyja.  I asked what my Work is–now that I’ve accomplished the mission, run the gauntlet, got the t-shirt.

You must devote your time and effort to the contribution campaign right now.  For the next 30 days, don’t contact Me if that helps.

I panicked.  Don’t dance with my Muse?  What?  Was I being summarily dismissed?

No.  I’m not.  Muse just desires me to focus on chanting and helping others chant right now.  For the next month.  He calmed me and said if I need Him, to g’head and call.  I’m a writer–how can I live without my Muse?

He held out His hand and a beam of amber light shot from His open palm to mine.  He said that “this month” was impetus for me to develop a “gold standard.”

Sometimes, it is so hard to chant.  It is at once, the greatest joy and the most painful act.  Having been chanting for 30 years, I am well aware of the benefits and “Human Revolution” which can and will occur in my life if I increase the amount of chanting I do and help others do the same.  Do I want to see the “gold standard” of my life and the lives of others revealed?  Or do I wanna get whiny about knowing what’s right for my life and just not wanting to do the Work?

I think I’ll chant about that 🙂

Hail Loki, god of change, challenge and my Muse of writing delights.

One Response to Mission Accepted

  • I know that I am just beginning, but I will admit, I find it hard to chant sometimes.
    I always think to myself that I can’t possibly get through the first five minutes…but then, once that happens, I’ll find that I’ve gone for 15, 20, or even a half hour. Whoa.

    Weird? Or maybe not.

    Either way, thanks for teaching me how. It helps. Even if I sometimes whine about it to myself.

    And thank you for sharing your thoughts here. <3

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